Caretaker Farm Winter CSA

We are excited to offer a Winter CSA share at Caretaker Farm.   Instead of filling a bag of produce as we do during the Summer CSA, we distribute the vegetables in a slightly different manner for the Winter CSA.  Some of the vegetables will be provided in bulk during the first distributions, and you can store them throughout the winter at your home (veggies like onions, winter squash and sweet potatoes).  Other crops will be distributed according to the piece (bag of spinach, kale, arugula, gemstone mix, baby lettuce) and Winter CSA members will be invited to choose root crops that add up to a given poundage.  We will be assessing the value of the share as we proceed throughout the winter, and will guarantee that you will be paying at least 10% less than if you had purchased the produce at a market.

Your Winter CSA share also includes:

  • Access to the farm for recreational use.

  • Invitations to our farm seasonal celebrations.

  • Newsletters with recipes, farm news, and distribution updates.


2019/2020 PICK-UP SCHEDULE: There will be 8 distributions for the Winter CSA: 

November 1st/2nd

November 15th/16th

December 6th/7th

December 20th/21st

January 10th/11th

February 7th/8th

March 6th/7th

March 20th/21st  

This schedule was chosen to maximize the optimal timing of winter greens growth, provide abundant produce around the holidays and to try and limit the parking challenges in the middle of winter when it is sometimes tricky to enter and exit the farm.