It has always been the intent of Caretaker Farm to be much more than a place where you come to get your food. We hope that you experience this land and our community through conversations in the field while harvesting U-Pick crops, reading our newsletters, discussing recipes in the distribution area, assisting us with various farm tasks, celebrating with us at a farm event, attending one of our food workshops, or visiting our animals, and walking the land that sustains us.

The farm also provides material sustenance.  We grow over 40 different types of crops and more than 175 varieties of those crops.  We aim for our practices on the farm to be sustainable so that we are all treated with respect: the farm workers, the animals, the soil, all farm visitors, the environment, and the people who eat the produce.  The food is healthy, local, available with no packaging materials, and as fresh as possible.  It's so fresh in fact, because farm members pick some of it themselves.  And you can be assured that we don't spray our crops with any fungicides, herbicides, or insecticides, whether they are now allowable under the organic standards or not.  Many members have commented on the fact that being involved with the farm strongly encourages them to eat much better since they have access to so much healthy produce in abundance.  We hope you experience the farm not just as an great place to buy vegetables, but also as an opportunity to connect to the land that sustains you and your family.


Caretaker Farm Share Fund

Everyone, regardless of their financial situation, should have access to locally grown, high quality produce and the opportunity to know the land that grows their produce.  We are pleased that the cost of membership at Caretaker Farm is well below what people would pay for comparable produce bought at other retail outlets.  Every year some farm members inquire about the possibility of donating money towards a share for a family in need, and there are some families who require assistance to pay for a share.

We have therefore created a fund that will allow you to help subsidize a share for another family, or request assistance for your own family (up to 20% of the total fee).  There are spaces on the membership form to indicate your donation or your need.


Accepting SNAP

We are pleased to share that Caretaker Farm is a registered provider for farm members who receive SNAP benefits. 


Working Share Membership

If you are interested in volunteering additional hours at the farm in exchange for a discounted share, you might consider becoming a Working Share member. Working Share members coordinate with Don to work for an extra 10 hours on the farm throughout the season, and in return, $50 is deducted from their total share cost.


If you would like to apply for a Working Share Membership or a Subsidized Share from the Community Farm Share Fund, click below to fill out the written form and pay by check.