Don Zasada & Bridget Spann

Together we operate our family farm. We met as volunteers in Chile while working as community organizers in a rural village. We are living our dream. Dreams are a lot of work! 

After living in Boston for 7 years working with The Food Project as the Director of Agriculture (Don) and at Massachusetts General Hospital as a domestic violence advocate (Bridget), we were ready to move out of the city and find long-term security on some agricultural land in the Northeast. A long search ensued, culminating with finding Caretaker Farm. 

Our work and way of life at Caretaker Farm is our response to our life experience. We see connection to the land that grows our produce as vital to understanding our responsibility to each other and the earth. 

Our two spectacular children, Gabriela and Micah, call Caretaker Farm their home.


Gabriela Zasada

You will often see Gabriela in the distribution area where she loves to organize the displays.  Her presence can be felt all over the farm as she adds her creative touch to enhance and draw out the beauty of this space.  When she isn’t involved in her loves of swimming, rowing or biking, Gabriela assists the crew when they need some added strength for a job.  She loves to harvest scallions and her favorite vegetables are carrots, cherry tomatoes and brussels sprouts.


Micah Zasada

It is a rare day when Micah is not found down in the fields working with the crew barefoot!  Since he was 2 years old, Micah has had an affinity for assisting with the varied tasks across the agricultural season.  He especially enjoys early harvest mornings.  The summer brings along some competing interests of baseball and fishing, but he always seems to find time to get his hands in the soil.  His favorite vegetables to harvest include sweet potatoes, garlic and onions and he loves to eat husk cherries and carrots.


Cameron Hastie

Cameron was a Caretaker Farm apprentice in 2010 and 2011.  During the 2012 season she co-managed the farm with Don as he and his family lived in Chile for much of the growing season.  For the past 5 years, Cameron managed her own CSA in New Lebanon, NY called Trusted Roots CSA.  We are thrilled to have Cameron back at Caretaker Farm.  She is the assistant farm manager and in charge of the Winter CSA. In addition to farming, Cameron enjoys soccer, biking and reading.  Her favorite vegetables are potatoes, beets and carrots.



Lucas is a first-year apprentice at Caretaker Farm. A philosophy major in college, he discovered his passion for caring for the land, plants and animals over various years spent on the island of Corsica off the coast of Spain.  Lucas enjoys bike riding and vegetarian cooking. His favorite vegetables are red peppers and brussels sprouts.



Chasidy is a first-year apprentice at Caretaker Farm. Originally from the Boston area she has recently finished school at Green Mountain College majoring in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Production.  She has worked at local farms for 5 summers and is looking forward to immersing herself in all that Caretaker Farm has to offer over the course of the farming season.  Chasidy's passions include working with animals and plants.   Her favorite vegetables are turnips and spinach.