Thank you for your interest in signing up for a Summer 2020 CSA Share.

Before selecting your payment method at the bottom of this page, please consider the two additional options below. If you are interested in contributing to the Caretaker Farm Share Fund, you will have the option to do so at checkout. If you are interested in becoming a Working Share Member, please download the signup form and pay by check.



Everyone, regardless of their financial situation, should have access to locally grown, high quality produce and the opportunity to know the land that grows their produce.  We have priced our shares so that they are well below what you would pay in a grocery store or farmer’s market.  Every year some farm members have inquired about the possibility of donating money towards a share for a family in need, and there are some families who require assistance to pay for a share.  We have therefore created a fund that will allow you to help subsidize a share for another family, or request assistance for your own family (up to 20% of the total fee).  We are able to assist according to the money that has been donated to the fund.  Thank you for helping make the farm accessible to other in your community.

On the Summer CSA options page, you can choose to include a donation with your purchase if you wish, which will be added to our Caretaker Farm Share Fund. We appreciate your consideration for members who apply for subsidized shares.



If you are interested in volunteering additional hours at the farm in exchange for a discounted share, you may want to consider becoming a Working Share member. Working Share members coordinate with Don to work for an extra 10 hours on the farm throughout the season, and in return, $50 is deducted from their total share cost.



Use this method to sign up online with an initial up-front payment and three recurring payments.


Use this method to sign up online with an initial up-front payment and three recurring payments.



Use this method to pay by check and sign up as a Working Share Member or request financial assistance.